UK to Europe Travel Adaptor Set Of 2 For Filling Up LPG Autogas Propan –

UK to Europe Travel Adaptor Set Of 2 For Filling Up LPG Autogas Propan –

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   Use these LPG Adapters when travelling across Europe and need to refill LPG Propane gas at Autogas Station in France, Germany Poland and others. These 2 adapters cover the whole of Europe and few other countries but not Euro nozzle Spain. These LPG adaptors are compatible with other Autogas adapters with W21.8 fitting available in our shop. High Quality 100% European Product, manufactured Exclusively for lpgadapter.com and . This is high grade metal, soft as brass but stronger and harder wearing.  If you have any questions with respect to this product or any other product that we sell, or just need pointing towards the right product, our details are on contact us page.

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