Bimetall-Anlegethermometer - Ø 63mm Anzeige 0 bis 60 °C

Bimetall-Anlegethermometer - Ø 63mm Anzeige 0 bis 60 °C

Bimetall Zifferblatt Thermometer 0-120°C 45 mm Sensor mit 63 mm Gehäuse

Bimetall Zeigerthermometer 0-120°C 1/2 Ø 63 mm, 6,31 €

Bimetall-Anlegethermometer - Ø 63mm Anzeige 0 bis 60 °C

AFRISO Bimetall-Zeigerthermometer 0 - 120°C, 1/2, 63 mm, Stahlblechgehäuse

Anlegethermometer Thermometer auf Rohr Rohrthermometer 120°C Heizung Feder Ø63mm

Bimetall-Anlegethermometer 0-60°C Gehäuse 63 mm

AFRISO Bimetall-Industriethermometer G 1/2 axial, Kl. 1,0/120°C BiTh ø 100 mm, ET 63 mm

Thermometer mit Magnet, Thermometer, Installation

Versatile Outdoor Indoor Thermometer - 63mm Bimetal Temperature Gauge, Waterproof and Dustproof: : Industrial & Scientific

AFRISO Bimetall-Zeigerthermometer 0-120°C d 100mm mit Fühler 100mm

The spring thermometer can display the temperature on site. Protection level: IP55 - Waterproof and duskproof thermometer. The spring is tightly fixed, safe and reliable to use. Fast reading, very convenient. Wide using range - Pipes, surfaces, oil, power plants, boat, etc. Long service life.

Fosa 63mm 0-120° IP55 Waterproof Dustproof Bimetal Thermometer Spring Thermometer Temperature Gauge with Clip-On Spring for pipes, Surface,Oil, Power